<i>Fair in Love</i> by Jerry Sacher

Fair in Love by Jerry Sacher

<i>Fair in Love</i> by Jerry Sacher

OUT NOW! Fair in Love by Jerry Sacher

Travis McAllan is one of America’s top country music stars — loved by fans, he lives the dreamed-of life of a country boy who has made it. The lifestyle of a star, however, comes at a cost, and Travis keeps his sexuality a secret until he meets Geoff Randsell. The attraction is immediate and jolts Travis from his life of pretense.

Geoff has a secret of his own — he’s in a rocky relationship, and he isn’t impressed by Hollywood glitz. When he falls for Travis, Geoff is swept off his feet, both dazzled by and apprehensive about the celebrity lifestyle of private planes, mansions, and travel.

When a photographer sells a picture of Travis and Geoff to the tabloids, their courtship and private world come under fire. Travis must risk his music career to be with the man he loves, and Geoff has to make the difficult choice to accept a life in the public eye.

In the face of increasing pressure, can Travis and Geoff stay true to themselves to get to the altar and say, “I do?”


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