<i>Exiles</i> by Becky Black

Exiles by Becky Black

<i>Exiles</i> by Becky Black

OUT NOW! Exiles by Becky Black

Javi Barasa, descendant of refugees, accidentally kills a soldier sent to liquidate the shanty town that’s been his home all his life. Meanwhile Arien Lakhami, the agender youngest child of the king of the home planet of Javi’s ancestors, barely escapes an assassination attempt and now, like Javi, they are looking for a way off the planet. Both take entry level jobs on a freighter where Javi meets First Mate Razz Jensen, and hopes for more than friendship. But Razz has a policy about dating crew. Meanwhile Arien arranges to meet their bodyguard — and fiancé — Tapuh, at the freighter’s next stop.

Despite Razz’s policy, he and Javi spend the night together at the space station stopover. Arien finds Tapuh waiting there and learns the royal family has been murdered in a coup. Arien is now the strangest claimant to the throne, and since they’ll have to make a political marriage, Tapuh says their engagement is off. Rescued from another murder attempt against Arien, the damaged freighter is taken by the loyalist General Queza to the base where Arien’s allies are gathering for a counter coup. Javi and Razz have time to relax and build their relationship, but Arien has to juggle suitors for their hand in marriage. A marriage that can never result in an heir.


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