<i>Ethel’s</i> by Terry Brewer

Ethel’s by Terry Brewer

<i>Ethel’s</i> by Terry Brewer

OUT NOW! Ethel’s by Terry Brewer

Three couples, connected by a lesbian bar in NYC. Angela is bi, but in a long-term relationship with a man. When she rids herself of him, she’s intrigued by an encounter with a lesbian couple at a wedding, who lead her to Ethel’s where she meets Nicole. Nicole tends to be on the prowl, but soon she prefers to love of one woman. Angela.

Angela’s ex-boyfriend’s sister, meanwhile, struggles with desires to be a slave to a Domme, but seeks the love of Connie as an equal.

Finally, Val is a butch and Michelle a femme. A closeted femme (at least to her parents). And it almost costs her the love of a good woman.


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