<i>Egg Whites and Blue</i> by Jessica Payseur

Egg Whites and Blue by Jessica Payseur

<i>Egg Whites and Blue</i> by Jessica Payseur

Egg Whites and Blue by Jessica Payseur is now available!


Sequel to Shell Shocked

Kiko and Dom are still getting used to settling in with each other, a task made difficult by their conflicting schedules and habits. With Mount Angus’ Knee High 4th of July Festival approaching, they anticipate spending some quality time together again, if only for a weekend.

But the arrival of Kiko’s ex, a well-known chef who seems to be taking interest in him again after a decade, throws up unnecessary tensions. And when Dom stumbles across a body with a pie server in its back, they find themselves drawn into another small-town mystery where the dark secrets of family recipes and a generous serving of danger could very well get them killed.

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He leaned over and kissed Kiko, hard.

“I take it this means the race went well?” asked Kiko after he had pulled back, but Dom didn’t release him.

“Martin Spam Buren won. The first time he’s ever won.”

“She,” said Kiko as Katie grumbled good-naturedly. “The pigs are all female.”

Dom covered Kiko’s mouth with his own again.

“Get a room,” said Katie, holding out a ten when Dom released Kiko and glanced over. “This should help.”

“Hah,” said Dom, snatching up the bill. “Thanks. I just earned over a hundred dollars.”

“I’m not sure I’d consider that earning,” said Kiko, pulling away and checking his phone.

“Right, your burgers,” said Dom, grabbing Kiko’s free hand as the man slid his phone back in his pocket. “Come on.”

Kiko shot him a quizzical look but went where he led. Dom had no intention of letting him get in his truck and drive back home for his ingredients — yet. He had heard where the fireworks were kept, and he intended to take Kiko there first. He stopped once they had entered the trees.

“Dom,” said Kiko as Dom slipped behind him and rummaged in his pocket. “This is not the parking lot.”

“Nope,” said Dom. He had stopped back there to snag a few things that Kiko kept in a plastic tub under the passenger seat, and now he intended to use them. He firmly fixed the blindfold over Kiko’s eyes and pulled both his hands behind his back when he moved to take it off.

“I don’t think this is appropriate, even if I had the time,” said Kiko, but he did not try to pull free again, nor did he try to move anywhere but where Dom led him. As Dom marched Kiko forward, he felt the tightness grow in his pants and hoped Kiko could feel the press of it against him, too.

“You have the time,” said Dom. “And I have the place. No one will find us.”

“Damn it, Dom,” said Kiko. “You’re a bad influence.”

“I could let you get away.” Dom released Kiko’s wrists but the man stayed exactly where he was.

“Stop wasting time.”

Dom marched Kiko toward the pole shed where he’d heard the fireworks were stored, wishing they didn’t have to be so quick. Kiko kept lube in the tub, but as much as Dom wanted to make good use of it, he knew Kiko wouldn’t be pleased if he made the man miss his burger competition. Still, it was an arousing thought, spreading blindfolded Kiko down on the hard ground and climbing on top of him, easing his hard length up inside Dom’s —

He stopped that thought, promising himself he could test out using Kiko as his own personal toy later, after the man had agreed to it. And they were at the shed. He tugged open the door, turned on the lights, and then shut them in.

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