<i>Eclectic Mix Tape</i> by Rick R. Reed

Eclectic Mix Tape by Rick R. Reed

<i>Eclectic Mix Tape</i> by Rick R. Reed

OUT NOW! Eclectic Mix Tape by Rick R. Reed

The stories in this collection by best-selling author Rick R. Reed range from laugh-out-loud funny to tear-inducing poignancy, to get-your-hackles-up scary to fan-yourself erotic. Within the pages, you’re sure to find something to titillate, delight, provoke thoughts, and induce tears — maybe all in one story.

As diverse as this collection is, each story speaks to the power of love — how it unites us, how it can free us, how it can imprison us, and, most of all, how it redeems us.

Love speaks to our greater good, our most cherished dreams, and our deep need for connection. Revel in these fifteen tales and discover a world populated by people who want the most cherished of all human connections and who find it, often in the most unusual of places.


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