<i>Dumb Supper</i> by Eve Morton

Dumb Supper by Eve Morton

<i>Dumb Supper</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Dumb Supper by Eve Morton

When heartbroken Lyle and his best (and very pregnant) friend Delia hang out one afternoon, Lyle realizes he’s not fully himself. Sure, he’s still hurting over his boyfriend’s Chris abandonment, and from the non-stop chubby jokes he’s grown up with, but there is something more to his sudden chest pain, his random forgetfulness, and his sudden cravings for all things marshmallow. He’s not Lyle at all, but Cassandra, the ghost of a teenage girl who is also heartbroken.

With the help of his best friend Delia, and her ever-trusty midwife Hazel, both Lyle and Cassandra must learn how to mend their broken hearts if they ever want to be un-haunted again.


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