<i>Drats!</i> by Eve Morton

Drats! by Eve Morton

<i>Drats!</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Drats! by Eve Morton

The last thing Savannah Price needs is a rat infestation at her small zoo. But high-pitched screaming and a freaked out staff is what she gets. Not to mention the extermination bill that she’ll just have to add to her other pile of growing debt that this zoo is costing her.

Her rock through the entire ordeal turns out to be the head of the kitchen staff, Sheldon, though he may also be partly responsible for the infestation problem in the first place. No matter, because he and his friend Curtis manage to get the staff members a hotel to stay in for the week of the extermination, all at half cost.

If only Savannah could figure out who to thank first: Sheldon or Curtis. As it turns out, she can thank both of them at once.


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