<i>#DogMom</i> by Kassandra Lea

#DogMom by Kassandra Lea

<i>#DogMom</i> by Kassandra Lea

OUT NOW! #DogMom by Kassandra Lea

Scrolling through the posts of a local dog owners group, Allie Karlin comes across a plea. A woman how lost her beloved pooch a few months back is hoping some kind soul is willing to share their dog to help her see if she’s ready to welcome a new pup into her life. Allie suspects her sweet Checkers is perfect for the job.

Sage Arrows still feels the familiar sting of losing Bixby, but she thinks she might be ready to move on. When she meets Allie and her mutt Checkers, the trio become fast friends. Their get-togethers are meant to heal Sage’s broken heart, and to some extent, that’s exactly what’s happening. Only it seems there’s more than the love of dogs between the two.


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