<i>Divine Intervention</i> by Eve Morton

Divine Intervention by Eve Morton

<i>Divine Intervention</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Divine Intervention by Eve Morton

Liam, Bart, and Evan have been best friends since all of them met in college. Though Liam is straight, he makes an effort to take out his two friends to all the gay bars in their city. Liam acts as the matchmaker for many of his gay friends, but he has not made the connection between Evan and Bart. At least, not yet.

Evan and Bart find themselves drawn towards one another through their shared love of punk music and video games, but unable to make a move. Evan, a former drunk who is still working on getting his life together, fears his own weakness in the face of alcohol and the pressures of his family. Bart, a runaway from his home state of Utah and his Mormon family, still struggles with what he is allowed to believe.

After Liam breaks up with Sarah, his best friends Bart and Evan meet at his apartment for a night of conciliatory drinking. When they arrive to find Liam’s place empty and messier than ever, the two of them are forced to wait until their friend shows up. Through a series of flashbacks and heartfelt conversations, Bart and Evan learn that they have waited long enough for one another. By the end of the night, Liam, Evan, and Bart all hope for their broken hearts to be mended, but it may take more effort than usual.


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