<i>Diable</i> by Pelaam

Diable by Pelaam

<i>Diable</i> by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Diable by Pelaam

Sequel to Incubus

When Slayer Henri and his Intermediary Sébastien are sent to Paris to deal with attacks by vampires, they find the truth is worse still. They also find unexpected allies in a family of gargoyles who help protect mankind.

Paris is under attack by demonic forces and it will take the united talents of humans, gargoyles, and vampires if they are to be defeated.

Sébastien also finds that his mate is the last creature on earth he would have expected. When the time to fight comes, can Sébastien survive, or will his life be forfeit in the depths of the dungeons of the infamous Cardinal Richelieu?


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