<i>Destination Elk Pond</i> by H.D. Nels

Destination Elk Pond by H.D. Nels

<i>Destination Elk Pond</i> by H.D. Nels

Destination Elk Pond by H.D. Nels is now available!


No sooner does flight service specialist Sam Hare take up his post in Elk Pond than he’s warned to watch out for handsome pilot brothers Brett and Randy Edmond. As he settles into his new job and gets to know Brett better, his meddlesome landlady is taking bets on which brother he’ll fall for.

When Sam finds out about the wager, he’s furious and humiliated and decides to resign. But a serious accident sends him and the brothers on a rescue mission, drawing them closer together.

Then Sam’s best friend Mike comes to visit and falls in love with Randy. In the meantime, Brett’s relationship with Sam deepens. Suddenly it isn’t so easy for Sam to leave town. With clear skies ahead, will Sam stay grounded in Elk Pond or will he take flight?

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I sat back, hands behind my head, with my headset wrapped around my neck. That pilot had a very sensuous voice. I tried to picture what he looked like, when the airwaves sprang to life again, interrupting my thoughts.

“Fucker, did you hear that voice? Sounds like a hot one.”

“G-boy, where are you? He didn’t mention you in traffic.”

“Doing work at twelve hundred and below, eighteen miles northwest. Anyway, I’m outside his zone, and not coming in for a bit yet. No conflict with anyone. But don’t you agree, he sounds hot?”

“Like those deejays on radio stations who sound real good and when you see them in person you have to cover your watch so it doesn’t stop.”

There was a bit of laughter over the airway, and I figured enough was enough.

“Gentlemen, you’re still on air-ground. You might want to switch to one twenty-seven nine, or some other air to air frequency. And for the record, I don’t have to sneak up on my beer so it doesn’t go flat.”

I got up to make a cup of instant coffee, and as soon as it was all together, the radio came to life.

“Elk Pond radio, this is Foxtrot Uniform Kilo Romeo. We’re five miles southwest. I’ll give you a call on final.”

“Fox Uniform Kilo Romeo, this is Elk Pond radio. Roger. Wind is two six zero at one two, altimeter still two nine, nine eight over.”

“Roger, two nine, nine eight, call you on final, out.”

Two pilots were talking on air about how sexy I sounded. I wondered if they were the Edmonds Edna talked about. Maybe there was more to this town than meets the eye. Time would certainly tell. Robbie said dress around here was pretty casual, so I had dressed gay. By that I meant tight jeans and a black T that showed off my physique. I worked out, and was pretty comfortable with my looks. I wasn’t sure to whom I wanted to display it, but there was mention of some curious airline pilots and such. Maybe these two pilots would be impressed as well.

“Elk Pond radio, this is Fox Uniform Kilo Romeo, on final approach runway two seven.”

“Uniform Kilo Romeo, roger, wind is two four zero at one zero. Check gear down, land at your own discretion, over.”

“Roger. Gear down and locked. See you in a few minutes.”

The touch-down, from my window, appeared gentle, and I saw the Cherokee taxi to its hangar. Just then I got a call from the ‘copter.

“Elk Pond radio, this is Golf Bravo Oscar Yankee. We’re twelve miles northwest at eight hundred feet, inbound. We’ll give you a call closer in.”

“Golf Bravo Oscar Yankee, this is Elk Pond radio. Roger. Wind is light and variable, altimeter two nine, nine eight. No reported conflicting traffic.” I couldn’t resist, “Your evil twin has landed.”

There was some laughter over the radio. “Roger, two niner, niner eight. Estimating in seven, and just so you know, I believe he would say that I’m the evil one.”

“Roger evil twin, altimeter is correct. Elk Pond radio, out.”

No sooner had I taken off his headset and was on my way toward the kitchen to rinse the coffee mug, when a panting and somewhat familiar face strolled into the office, and up to the counter. I knew right away this was the pilot I saw in the dining room. He was as gorgeous in daylight as in the dining room.

“How did you get here from your hangar so fast?” My mind then registered that I could have been a bit polite first, and said, “Hello.”

“Secret passage, but if you play your cards right, I might show it to you.” He flashed a million megawatt smile. “I guessed when I saw you at the dining room last evening, that you were John’s replacement. They must have figured it was time to improve the place. Welcome to Elk Pond. I’m Brett Edmond.”

“Gaaa, back away, Satan. I was warned about you.” I couldn’t help myself. Instead of looking startled, he grinned.

“Satan would be my brother. I’m just an innocent waif, caught in the spiral of unholy family dynamics.”

“I call bullshit. Innocents do not — are not capable — of licking their lips the way you licked yours at the hotel last evening. Veteran porn stars can’t lick like that. You’re a master.”

“Well, I don’t like to brag, but you hurt me with your harsh judgement. I was, uh, chasing a drop of beer with my tongue…yeah, that’s it, chasing a drop of beer. As I said earlier about the secret passage, if you play your cards right, I might show you the secret to the lick as well.”

I rolled my eyes. “You didn’t even have your beer at that point. If your brother is more evil than you, as you claim, I’d best start packing now.”

Just then the radio cracked. “Elk Pond radio, this is Golf Bravo Oscar Yankee, just on final to the helipad, over.”

As I headed to the console I heard Brett mumble, “Looks like you’re already packing.” I glanced over and he wagged his eyebrows and grinned. I shook my head.

“Golf Bravo Oscar Yankee, this is Elk Pond radio, roger. Altimeter is still two nine, nine eight. Land at your discretion, no reported conflicting traffic, over.”

“Roger, landing in two. Just so that you know, UKR lies, G-Boy out.”

I looked over at Brett, who was trying not to laugh out loud. “If I lie and tell you he lies, then he’s telling the truth. If I tell you he’s telling the truth, he’s lying. Unless he’s lying, and I’m telling the truth, in which case…what were we talking about?”

“You lost me when you opened your mouth. Edna warned me about both of you anyway, so no worries.”

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