Design for Loving by Doug Sanford

OUT NOW! Design for Loving by Doug Sanford

An obscene phone call gone wrong started everything. Instead of the gay phone sex he planned, Tucson real estate agent, Marc, finds himself talking to a straight University of Arizona undergraduate named Bart who has no interest in Marc’s sexual come-on. But instead of hanging up, they hang on and continue to talk. When, after refusing to meet Marc in person for months, Bart finally relents, a journey begins which takes both of them in totally unexpected directions.

More complications arise when Leslie, a girl from one of Bart’s classes appears in his life and then leaves six months later. Bart and Marc move to LA where Bart becomes a minor soap opera sex symbol and Leslie, now a college professor, suddenly reappears.

What seemed to be one kind of relationship between Bart and Marc becomes another, and then yet still another. And when a newspaper reporter begins digging into Bart’s life, he is forced to come to terms with who he is and what labels, if any, describe him. What will happen when Bart’s insistence on honesty lets the world know the truth about the three of them?


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