<i>Defective Cupid</i> by Shawn Bailey

Defective Cupid by Shawn Bailey

<i>Defective Cupid</i> by Shawn Bailey

OUT NOW! Defective Cupid by Shawn Bailey

Noah Weaver will never forget being rejected by Gunther Mueller when he was twelve. Not only did Gunther tear up the beautiful Valentine’s Day card and letter Noah spent days writing, but he also embarrassed him in front of all his friends and called him a fag. Not once in the last eighteen years has he ever had a date for Valentine’s Day. With the holiday rapidly approaching, Noah is sure the outcome would be the same.

Gunther Mueller never thought he’d have a stalker, but from the moment Kylie Porter cheated on him, Gunther has been unable to get rid of her. He tried turning her down nicely and, when that didn’t work, he tried been downright rude to her. That didn’t work either. So he lied and told her he was in a relationship with someone else. When she demands he prove it, Gunther selects the next person who walks by and kisses him in front of Kylie to prove he isn’t lying.

Poor Gunther should have been happy, but he gets the surprise of his life when the kiss turns him on. To make matters worse, he has a business meeting with the guy. Does that mean he’s gay or just a little bi-curious? And what will Noah Weaver think about him when the meeting begins?


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