<i>Deception and Desire</i> by Pelaam

Deception and Desire by Pelaam

<i>Deception and Desire</i> by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Deception and Desire by Pelaam

Nyles Weatherall is a successful businessman, but his family only see him as a source of income. Over time, he’s become friends with an Arabian king and, more importantly to Nyles, fallen in love with Jewel, a concubine in the king’s male harem.

King Kasim has problems of his own. His nephew Mirza is driving a wedge between him and his nomadic people, and challenging Haidar, Kasim’s son, for succession.

Jewel has secrets of his own, closely guarded by Kasim.

For Nyles and Jewel to fulfill their desire of being together, they will face betrayal and deception, and a challenge to the death.


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