<i>Dancing Seasons</i> by Loreley Thunder

Dancing Seasons by Loreley Thunder

<i>Dancing Seasons</i> by Loreley Thunder

OUT NOW! Dancing Seasons by Loreley Thunder

Loneliness and his caretaker Sebastian have been Liam’s only constant companions ever since he can remember. Surrounded by every kind of luxury money can buy, Liam soon learns the privileges he’s so used to can only be enjoyed when shared with friends and loved ones. Until he meets a man who, with every interaction, changes the course of his life.

Adrian lives in a world where financial struggles and health issues are part of everyday living. Putting himself through school and earning an income to support his family, Adrian has no time to play. A stranger does him a good turn when he’s most in need of help, and Adrian, unknowingly, returns the favor years later.

Their lives have touched so many times, and every time they turned away. Will Liam and Adrian realize they shared moments in their past? Will they meet again and strike up a treasured friendship? More important, will they find love?


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