<i>Damien</i> by Cheyenne Meadows

Damien by Cheyenne Meadows

<i>Damien</i> by Cheyenne Meadows

OUT NOW! Damien by Cheyenne Meadows

Book 4 in the Misfit Shifters series and sequel to Nate

Free Spirit Thursday, a shifter with no recollection of his past beyond being raised in a monastery, lands in the Bluebird Valley Preserve with no further motivation than assisting others through massage therapy and meditation. Disbelieving a leopard exists inside him and unable to change into such a beast, he disregards the speculation that he’s truly a shifter. To do otherwise would potentially go against all the pacifist teachings he’d taken to heart.

Damien, struggling with a sudden change in temperament from his inner wolf, searches for a way to mollify the suddenly aggressive and demanding beast before he loses complete control. If he can’t rein in his wolf, their future consists of banishment or, even worse, a death sentence. Just as he reaches his wit’s end, Damien stumbles across the most unusual shifter around, who just might hold the answer to soothing his wolf once and for all.

When a deadly threat forces Thursday’s leopard to the fore, it sends him into a tailspin, unable to cope with the realization of his true genetics and his traumatic past, as the violent cat goes against everything he’d come to believe. It’s up to Damien to create a bridge between the two differing entities. Failure to do so means the loss of so much more than Damien could ever imagine.


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