<i>Crime Wave</i> by Adam Carpenter

Crime Wave by Adam Carpenter

<i>Crime Wave</i> by Adam Carpenter

OUT NOW! Crime Wave by Adam Carpenter

Hell’s Kitchen private investigator Jimmy McSwain returns in a twisting tale of past sins and present-day vengeance. Jimmy McSwain isn’t thrilled about taking a case for free, but when his sister fears her boyfriend Rocky is cheating on her, he has no choice.

But the case takes a deadly turn when he finds Rocky standing over the body of a man he was just seen kissing, and he’s holding the gun. He begs Jimmy to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, as a sweltering heat wave claims New York City, a gunman with a thirst for blood is targeting Manhattan deli owners and has already claimed two victims. Jimmy knows a thing or two about those. Fourteen years ago his father was killed outside a deli, and it’s possible today’s killer could be linked to that unsolved murder, one that forever haunts Jimmy.

Enlisting the aid of sexy NYPD Captain Francis X. Frisano, Jimmy finds himself torn between the two cases as the heat simmers between himself and the hot cop. Suddenly a quiet summer has erupted into a full-blown Crime Wave.


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