<i>Courting Nightfall</i> by Amanda Meuwissen

Courting Nightfall by Amanda Meuwissen

<i>Courting Nightfall</i> by Amanda Meuwissen

OUT NOW! Courting Nightfall by Amanda Meuwissen

Zen is a darkling — half human, half dark elf — in a world that hates him, protected only by having been raised by the Order of the Sun to become a priest. He continues to fail to rise above being an acolyte despite having come of age and longs for a different life, one he only glimpses in dreams when he is with a mysterious, beautiful man he wishes was real.

After encountering an adventuring party made up entirely of other half-races, Zen is drawn to accompany them on their quest to find and destroy a fabled vampire lord. However, the pull he feels toward those lands might be more fated than he realizes.


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