<i>Coming of Age</i> by Ellie Thomas

Coming of Age by Ellie Thomas

<i>Coming of Age</i> by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! Coming of Age by Ellie Thomas

Sequel to Queer Relations

After the London Season of 1815, Percy Havilland is at a loose end, having guided his younger sister Eustacia through her come out despite the social impact of a disastrous family scandal. Accustomed to being spoiled and generally admired, although still wealthy, he is shunned by most of the ton. Also, he misses looking after his sister now she’s returned to the family estate in Sussex. Taking his frustrations out on Nathaniel Brooks, his long-suffering lover, only makes Percy more uncertain about his future.

Percy’s good friend Jo Everett is having his own problems, thwarted in his dearest wish to share a home with the love of his life, hardworking Bond Street tailor Daniel Walters. And Captain Ben Harding and Dr. Edward Stephens realise the course of true love doesn’t always run smoothly. Can this society of gentlemen solve their romantic dilemmas to their satisfaction? And might Percy, with a birthday looming, surprise himself by opening up to love?


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