<i>Class of ’03</i> by Terry O’Reilly

Class of ’03 by Terry O’Reilly

<i>Class of ’03</i> by Terry O’Reilly

OUT NOW! Class of ’03 by Terry O’Reilly

Shay Rogers has avoided going back home to Alabama because he fears running into his high school lover, Dwayne Sayles. Because of Shay’s reputation as an All-American straight stud, he tried to keep his love for Dwayne secret. Shay’s fear of his friends and family finding out about him ultimately led to his breaking up with Dwayne.

However, when the invitation to his fifteen year high school reunion arrives, Shay’s friend convinces him to go, with her as his fictitious girlfriend.

Within moments of meeting again, the long-dormant feelings between Shay and Dwayne are rekindled, but so are Shay’s fears.

Is Shay finally ready to embrace the chance of happiness by living openly with Dwayne, or will his need to hide the truth about himself win out yet again?


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