<i>Christmas Below Stairs</i> by Ellie Thomas

Christmas Below Stairs by Ellie Thomas

<i>Christmas Below Stairs</i> by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! Christmas Below Stairs by Ellie Thomas

At the age of twenty-three, Joseph Paul has come a long way from an abandoned foundling to the dizzy heights of a position as a second footman in London’s Bedford Square. But Joseph doesn’t want to remain in service forever and harbours ambitions to be his own master.

Eli Turner might have become a valet by his thirties, but he is weary of his profession and lacks direction. He can’t even summon the energy to seek out a new position in a more prestigious household.

Under ordinary circumstances, working as servants for the same family, these two men might not have the chance to exchange more than a few words, let alone confide their feelings. But when they both remain in the virtually deserted townhouse over Christmas, they take the opportunity to talk as equals and explore their mutual attraction.

Is this just a short-lived holiday fling? Or might it be the start of a long-standing romance?


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