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Eight Feet of Magic by Ofelia Gränd

OUT NOW! Eight Feet of Magic by Ofelia Gränd

There is still magic to be found. Even in the bleakest of places.

Hank Goodenough has spent his entire life in the smoggy streets of London trying to keep his head down and not to get noticed. Not an easy feat when you’re the tallest one in the room and have a brass funnel protruding from your head. When he finds himself laid off work once again, his dad wants to drag him away on a crazy quest. Before he can figure out how to get out of it, he finds himself on a steam-driven airship in search of Odin, the old Norse God, and is sharing a room with Captain Elazar Steel, a man strutting around on one high-heeled boot and one peg leg.

Steel doesn’t care that the winks, smiles, and small touches he and Hank share might get them hanged once they land on the ground again. He is determined to show Hank there is magic in the world and that there is no better place to be than on his balloon ship steering towards the Arctic Circle.


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Winterwood Academy Book 3: Hunted by Kate A. Fox

OUT NOW! Winterwood Academy Book 3: Hunted by Kate A. Fox

Everyone around me gets hurt.

I hate the thought of leaving my friends alone, but the Winterwood Academy is no longer a safe haven for me. Everybody thinks that I’m dead and I want to keep it that way before the one who put me six feet under learns that I’m back from the dead.

But before I have time to escape, the arrival of my father and the Witch Council brings a whole new set of troubles my way.

Not only am I to discover that I have a twin sister, but someone I trusted has betrayed me. I have to get away from this cursed academy.

An inexperienced witch like me wouldn’t last long in the real world. I’m glad Merrin found me a place to stay with a nice old lady and a seriously hot grandson — Matthew.

Stay low, resist the urge to tell someone I care that I’m alive, and don’t draw attention to myself. That’s what I should do. It shouldn’t be hard, but nothing in my life is ever easy.

A crazy attraction for Matthew and bumping into an old friend and my former nemesis at a party are the least of my problems. Add an almost deadly werewolf attack, a sexy hunter with a short temper, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

How am I supposed to get my life together when everything just keeps exploding in my face?


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Magic Fingers by Etienne

OUT NOW! Magic Fingers by Etienne

David Majors should be looking forward to a long and prosperous life: after tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he’s attending college courtesy of Uncle Sam and riding the fast track to success. He’s tall, fit, and good-looking, so shouldn’t the world be his oyster?

But underneath his clothes — and beneath the surface — David is a mess of scar tissue and insecurity. Then he meets Kevin Boxer, another former Army Ranger. Their first night together, Kevin stares David’s scars in the face and doesn’t flinch, instead showering David with the passion and attention he craves but never imagined possible. Slowly but surely, Kevin helps David rebuild his confidence, and the two of them begin to build their life together.

But their journey is far from over, and it turns out Kevin may need David to help him heal some scars of his own.


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Chuffed by Tia Fielding

OUT NOW! Chuffed by Tia Fielding

Mikael Jarvela may only be a half shifter, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be alpha of the eastern Finland farm-turned-sanctuary his father founded. Six wolves, a red fox, a black jaguar, and a lynx all think of him as the head of the family. But Mikael doesn’t have anyone to call his own until he comes across an injured Siberian tiger in the woods.

From the moment the newcomer recovers and Mikael and Maxim meet face to human face, the attraction between them is undeniable. They strike up a tentative relationship, but they’re both proud men, and their egos keep getting in the way.

Just when it looks like their romance is doomed, an outside threat to the farm family — to Mikael — forces Maxim to choose between the life of solitude he knows and the love and companionship that could be his if he stays.


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Winterwood Academy Book 2: Buried by Kate A. Fox

OUT NOW! Winterwood Academy Book 2: Buried by Kate A. Fox

Just when I thought that going to a new school could be a fresh start for me, I realise I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Not only has my almost-boyfriend dubbed me “The Queen of Freaks,” but it turns out I’m way more powerful than anyone could have ever imagined. That would be all well and good if everything was as it should have been at the Winterwood Academy but what most people don’t know is that there’s danger inside the walls of the Academy far worse than anything we might face outside the Wardings.

Students are dying, and other than my super hot sidekick, I’m the only one who knows that there is a serial killer on the loose.

When my newfound powers attract the attention of one of the most dangerous witches the Winterwood Academy has ever seen, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it out alive.


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