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Twice in a Lifetime by Shawn Lane

Twice in a Lifetime by Shawn Lane is now available!


Five years ago, British transplant, Jude, left San Francisco after the tragic murder of his lover, Martin. Heartbroken, he settled in Sutter’s Bay and opened a small flower shop, hoping that surrounding himself with bright colors and pretty things — living things — would somehow lessen the anguish he felt over his loss.

Jude never expects to find a love like he shared with Martin ever again. Certainly a love like theirs won’t come along twice in a lifetime. But then Jude meets sexy Rex Warner, the new veterinarian in Sutter’s Bay, and he can’t help but wonder if his luck has changed.

Will Rex be able to stop Jude from dwelling on the painful past and look toward a promising future instead?

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Promised by Kassandra Lea

Promised by Kassandra Lea is now available!


Sequel to Heart’s Triumph

Blackstone Manor is complete, and what better way to celebrate than a Halloween party? At least, that’s how Io sees it. He’s already splurged on candy and decorations. Cinder isn’t entirely on board, however, hating the look of disappointment on Io’s face when he nixes the idea.

Yet somehow Io gets his way, and the party goes ahead as planned. It can’t be all that bad, right? But throw in couples’ costumes, Daisy acting weird, real ghosts, and the secret Cinder has been harboring from Io, and it’s sure to be a night none of them forget.

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Heavy Metal Blues Box Set by J.D. Walker

Heavy Metal Blues Box Set by J.D. Walker is now available!


Multi-published author J.D. Walker brings you four gay erotic romances that will warm your heart, from the quirky story which pits a country music fan against a “metal boy” to the bittersweet tale of a rigid CFO who always says the wrong thing to the man he loves. Housemates, secrets, a sunny attitude, and an executive who needs to let loose all connect to bring each other out of the Heavy Metal Blues.

Contains the stories:

Heavy Metal Cowboy Blues: Lester “Les” McCoy loves his country music. He’s also in lust with Damien Ridley — the ‘metal boy’ who lives downstairs — despite his very loud music tastes which drive Les crazy! He’s an old prairie bachelor, and thinks Damien is too young for him. But, a gay-bashing and some friendly advice lead Les to use Patsy Cline and canary yellow underpants to get the stud he’s always wanted.

Heavy Metal Bicycle Blues: Kenny Culpepper is a spin instructor, but he used to do more with his life. He’s still recovering from the homophobic attack by his former roommate, Biff Tremonte, and when he receives a letter from Biff’s brother, Kenny’s not sure what to do. But the two men meet, and Cypher Tremonte confesses that he was also a victim of Biff’s rage. What they find together is unexpected, and could become love.

Heavy Metal Sunshine Blues: Sonny Bonhomie is happy to sleep with Noah Stiles, a sexy guy he meets at a club. But then he finds out that Noah has a boyfriend, and confronts him about it. Worse, Noah tells Sonny the real reason he slept with him in the first place. Heartbroken, Sonny goes to a new LGBT bookstore and runs into Bruce, a bartender he knows. They hit it off, and Sonny’s sunshine blues might just be over.

Heavy Metal Heartfelt Blues: Bridges Barfield is a stern, rigid man who’s hard to please. But then he meets Trenton LeDoux, he of the magenta hair, lip ring, and free spirit, and they hit it off. Trenton seems to be stuck in the past with his dead husband, however. Bridges tries to help, but suffers from saying-the-wrong-thing disease. It takes many missteps before these men finally have a union that’s truly heartfelt.

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EXCERPT FROM “Heavy Metal Cowboy Blues”

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Farm Call by Terry O’Reilly

Farm Call by Terry O’Reilly is now available!


Dr. Daniel Parker, equine veterinarian, has always assumed he was straight. Recently divorced, Dan is now on a quest to discover what these feelings of attraction to other men, which have lurked in the background all his life, really mean.

Naïve and inexperienced, wearing his heart on his sleeve, Dan jumps feet first into the gay dating scene and soon finds himself out of his depth in the various gay subcultures. His hopes are raised then dashed several times after discovering that what he’s really looking for is a loving and committed relationship. Frustrated, Dan throws himself back into his work.

When Dan goes on a farm call to examine two newly-purchased horses, he meets Scott Wagner. His attraction to Scott is immediate. Could it have been this easy to find Mr. Right all along? But Dan’s fantasies of domestic bliss fade when he learns the horses are for Scott’s daughters — Scott is married and straight. Disappointed, Dan wonders if he’ll ever find love. Or will this farm call still make all the difference?

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Autumn Cliche by R.W. Clinger

Autumn Cliche by R.W. Clinger is now available!


Chad Best, article writer for Artist Trade, is instructed by his editor to head to Haven Island in Lake Erie to interview the famous ashtray artist, Finn O’Rourke. A glassblower, Finn has the reputation of being a monster to the public, particularly the media, but Chad is fascinated by him and can’t wait to meet the artist.

When Chad arrives on the island, he and Finn get things off to a bad start. But Chad soon learns there’s a softer side to the artist, and Finn O’Rourke isn’t the monster his super fans have made him out to be.

To Chad’s surprise, Finn woos the writer and seduces him. Emotionally ensnared by the artist, Chad finds himself falling for Finn. When his visit comes to an end, will Chad choose to return to his busy life, or stay on the artist’s island with a man he might love?

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