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King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate by Addison Albright

King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate by Addison Albright is now available for FREE!


Blaine is a well-dressed, high-priced attorney, and George is a hairy mountain of an auto mechanic. This odd couple meets up one evening on a slow night at a bar. The pickings are slim. Slim enough for these opposites to eyeball each other and ask themselves just how bad they want to get laid.

Pleasantly surprised by the evening’s outcome, Blaine is faced with a dilemma. Should he throw caution to the wind and pursue George, or steer clear of that unexpected distraction to his carefully structured life?

NOTE: This story appears in the author’s collection, Snapshots.


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A Hippie Independence Day by J.D. Walker

A Hippie Independence Day by J.D. Walker is now available! Better yet, it’s FREE!


Benjamin “Ben” Brooker loves Carl Neilson with every fiber of his being. They’ve been together for over a year now, and Carl — he of the hippie hair and bushy sideburns that finally went the way, thank goodness — has made great strides in letting his son Chester live his own life, and finding one of his own.

For some reason that Ben can’t fathom, however, Carl is being stubborn about getting rid of his Hawaiian shirts. It’s the only thing remaining from the time when Carl was deathly afraid of change. Ben believes there’s something more going on behind his lover’s stubbornness on the issue, and he’s determined to find out what’s really going on.

This Independence Day, Ben will stop at nothing to get Carl to open up to him, and maybe make some fireworks of their own, in the process.

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