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Greater Love Box Set by Tinnean

OUT NOW! Greater Love Box Set by Tinnean

James Trevalyan comes from a long line of men who served the Crown with their gift of a voice with compelling power, and kept that tradition going while he loved and lived with Jeremy Waters. When Jeremy died in James’s arms, he resolved to live without love. His family keeps him connected to the world. And then came Tanner, a clever, handsome agent who joins him in an ongoing undercover mission.

J Tanner is a valued member of National Security 3 and in love with his superior, James Trevalyan. He hides his love, certain James could not return it. But after completing a mission that almost costs him his life, he’s asked by James to help unravel the mystery of James’s beloved sister’s disappearance. As a colleague, of course he agrees.

Will these two ever realize they’re meant for each other?

This box set contains the two books Greater Love Hath No Man and Darling James.


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Howl at the Moon Box Set by Holly Day and Ofelia Gränd

OUT NOW! Howl at the Moon Box Set by Holly Day and Ofelia Gränd

Maybe having a mate isn’t for everyone.

Howl at the Moon is a set of four M/M romance novellas with growling werewolves. Somewhere out there, four individuals are going about their lives, unaware they’re the fated mates of wolf shifters. And when they find out, being over the moon doesn’t quite describe the feeling. Will everyone end up happily mated in the end? Read and find out!

Contains the stories:

The Blood Witch by Holly Day: Conri is king, but someone is trying to take him down. Nick is a blood witch, who is in Conri’s territory but refuses to see him, which puts him on the top of Conri’s list of suspects. When he goes to confront Nick, things don’t turn out the way he’d planned. Nick is his destined mate, but he doesn’t want anything to do with Conri. Conri needs Nick, but can he convince him to fight by his side?

Soul Eater by Ofelia Gränd: Detective Thaddeus Ezax is in over his head. He’s a wizard in the Paranormal Investigations Department. While most children can cast a location spell, Thaddeus can’t, so when he gets a kidnapping case, he is forced to get creative. He finds a werewolf skull with a ghost trapped inside, accidentally releases the spirit, and somehow forms a connection with it. Can things get any crazier?

One Would Be Enough by Holly Day: Teo has worked hard to achieve his dream of owning a house. When he refuses to sell it to a pack of werewolves, they kidnap him. He finds himself locked up in a basement with Jerico. Jerico shouldn’t care about the human, but when he learns he’s in danger from his former pack, he knows he has to find a way to get them out of there. But for how long will Jerico be able to keep Teo safe?

The Cake Shop by Ofelia Gränd: York is attacked by a rivaling werewolf pack. Injured and exhausted, he takes refuge in a bear-owned bakery. Torbjorn doesn’t do people, he doesn’t do wolves, and he will definitely not mate one no matter what the pull in his heart says. York has finally found his mate, but Torbjorn refuses to let him stay. How will he make Torbjorn understand he means him no harm when he refuses to talk to him?


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Good Job Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Good Job Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

For many men, their job or career represents their identity and a measure if their value. This huge part of their lives is often so demanding it leaves no room for romance or seeking the right partner. Whether a fellow works as an undercover agent and investigator, as a high level celebrity attorney, as a mechanic who struggles with a difficult handicap, operates a junk yard or hires on to railroad maintenance for a summer job, anything can happen. Doing a good job should win him top pay and advancement. It might even morph right into a hook up beyond his wildest dreams!

Contains the stories:

Special Delivery: Easy going Jeff seems to be Monte’s dream man but is Jeff hiding a risky secret that puts their new friendship at risk? For Monte, Jeff gives special delivery a whole new twist.

Muscle Car Man: Jeff needs help; Mike needs a new start. Did fate set them on converging tracks to give them something else they didn’t know they needed?

Always on My Mind: After the prom, Garth and Peter didn’t score with their dates but found each other. Years later, celebrity Peter needs attorney Garth’s help and old memories revive.

Workin’ on the Railroad: Two very different men, an irresistible attraction, and a dangerous job to be done. Will it morph into a train wreck or the perfect connection to take them down life’s track?

Wrenching: Mal has overcome hardships, becoming a skilled mechanic, despite his handicap. He’s lusted after rancher Dan but never dreamed he could do a key service for his secret hero. Dan claims not employees but friends help him run his inherited ranch. Could one betray him, causing dangerous sabotage to his truck? Can the young mechanic solve this puzzle?


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Their Supernatural Love Box Set by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Their Supernatural Love Box Set by Casper Graham

All humans, whether they’re made up of ordinary mortals or supernatural beings, strive for the same things when they’ve found their potential life partners. They yearn for love, acceptance, and companionship. Follow the love journey of these three sets of throuples as they navigate their way through romantic and familial relationships, friendships, and everything else life throws their ways.

Contains the stories:

Getting a Mate in Four Easy Steps: Percy Watts, a successful omega, secures the services of alphas Rohan Adams and Diego Lawson from the alpha auction house. They slowly discover they’ve fallen in love with each other. Unfortunately, there’s a third alpha who’s obsessed with Percy, and that alpha is crazy enough to pull any stunts, including kidnapping the omega.

A Chance Encounter: Dillon, Riordan, and Darby are members of the supernatural community who meet at the farmers market and recognize one another as soul mates. A relationship is stressful without the presence of a serial killer who seems to target members of the supernatural community. The situation worsens when an elderly gentleman, who carries the stench of something rotten in his blood, is fixated on Dillon.

Forget Me Not: Jensen Morris is happy in his fifteen-year-long relationship with Milo Hawkins even though there are times when he feels like something is missing. Milo finally finds stability and happiness with Jensen. Then Kenta comes into their lives, and they obtain even more joy afterward. However, danger is lurking just around the corner.


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Almost-Broken Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Almost-Broken Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

Love always has its ups and downs. This box set by R.W. Clinger explores the almost-brokenness men face until they find true love. Within these three tales, men mix with present and past boyfriends, learn when to leave friend zones, and discover when secrets become helpful or dangerous.

Contains the stories:

20 Days of Tuck: During twenty days of a particularly hot August on the shores of Lake Erie, Micah and Tuck fall head over heels in love. A year later, life has unexpectedly changed for Micah. He meets and falls hard for Carl, a witty, romantic guy along the lake. What will Micah do when various ties between his twenty days with Tuck and his current days with Carl begin to unravel?

We Are Going to be Together: Wayne Joslin’s in love with Darsey Haas, who’s dating Cliff McGregory, so he hatches a plan to distract Cliff with Darsey’s doppelganger, a certain rugby player named Tomas Iron. Will the plan work? Will Cliff fall for the gig, and in love with Iron? Are Joslin and Darsey going to end up together?

The Trespasser: Grady Nelson has a crush on neighbor Putnam Strand and trespasses into Putnam’s home when he isn’t home, and almost gets caught. Things heat up in their neighborly relationship when Putnam leaves town for a few days and asks Grady to house sit. While there, he uncovers a secret about Putnam that will change their romantic lives forever.


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