Carpool by R.W. Clinger

Carpool by R.W. Clinger is now available!

Book publisher Luke Masterson runs a carpool but on one August morning, things aren’t going as smoothly as he wants. His best friend and carpool buddy Perrin Lerue sleeps in, something he never does. Once Luke wakes the handsome accountant, they pick up the third member of their carpool, the sexy and alluring stud, Billy “Box” Boxford, a relationship counselor for gay men.

The problem at hand, though, is that Luke has secretly fallen in love with Perrin, but his friend is oblivious. Every morning and evening when they ride together, Luke can’t get the accountant out of his head … or his heart.

Will today’s drive be different than any other? Will Luke pine for Perrin forever? Or will Perrin see the light at the end the tunnel and admit he likes Luke, as well?


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