<i>Brody Comes Home</i> by Tim Mead

Brody Comes Home by Tim Mead

<i>Brody Comes Home</i> by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Brody Comes Home by Tim Mead

After four years of service, most of it in Iraq, Marine Sargent Brody Cox decides not to re-up. It’s the early 2000s and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is in effect.

Brody takes time to adjust to the choices he needs to make now he’s in civilian life. Although he knows he wants to go to college, he doesn’t know what to major in. His elder brother owns a couple of florist shops, so at least his part time employment situation is taken care of.

One of the first people Brody serves in the shop is his arch nemesis from high school, Dave Cromer. No matter what Brody did back then, Dave was always on Brody’s case. Frustratingly, it seems the older Dave is still insufferable, still arrogant, and still hella sexy … and still straight.

Being in the corps meant Brody had to keep his sexuality a secret. So he’s relieved to be able to live more openly. However, his first few attempts at forming anything deep and meaningful with another man fall flat. But, try as he might, Brody can’t shake off his feelings for Dave Cromer. Seems Brody isn’t the only one who’s been keeping secrets.

Is the line between love and hate really that thin? And what about the line between straight and gay?


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