<i>Bold Strokes</i> by Hayden Rexelle

Bold Strokes by Hayden Rexelle

<i>Bold Strokes</i> by Hayden Rexelle

OUT NOW! Bold Strokes by Hayden Rexelle

A serial killer is on the loose and it’s up to FBI Forensic Examiner Dr. Maura Dunne and Special Agent Melissa Russo to track him down. Maura might wear designer dresses and have a closet bigger than the average bedroom, but that doesn’t stop her from using her smarts to track down killers on a regular basis.

Cameron Fraser is making a name for herself in the art world, which leads her to meet Dr. Dunne. Maura has all the tools to help Cameron bury her troubled past, and the good doctor’s eyes ignite a fire Cameron hasn’t felt for quite some time. Will they fall into each other’s arms, or fall prey to the Southgate Stabber?


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