<i>Bobby and the Beast</i> by Drew Hunt

Bobby and the Beast by Drew Hunt

<i>Bobby and the Beast</i> by Drew Hunt

OUT NOW! Bobby and the Beast by Drew Hunt

Bobby Simpson’s physiotherapy conference is cancelled at the last minute, so he’s forced to travel home earlier than expected. Being blind, Bobby requires passenger assistance at Leeds railway station in order to change trains. When this doesn’t arrive, Bobby sets off on his own, only to be told by someone on another platform that he’s about to fall onto the tracks.

Phil “Beasty” Beeston is about to catch his train when he sees a blind man near the edge of the platform opposite. He calls out, tells the man to stay where he is, and goes to the man’s rescue.

They both miss their train and Phil suggests going for a pint till the next train is due. As they drink, they talk. Phil tells Bobby he’s a builder and plays amateur rugby league for the Longton Lightning. He also confesses he’s ugly, which partially explains his nickname.

Bobby is more concerned with what a person is like on the inside, and what he’s learning about Phil, he likes. Phil’s work-acquired muscles don’t harm either. As he enjoys helping people, Bobby agrees to become the Lightning’s unpaid physio. The job has the added benefit of being able to interact with the hot if emotionally damaged Phil, both professionally and personally.

Phil’s life starts to turn around. He gets a promotion at work and his rugby playing improves. He puts this down to Bobby’s confidence in him. If only Phil had confidence in himself.

Can Phil’s and Bobby’s relationship continue to grow, or will it all come crashing down when Phil’s ugly past is revealed?


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