Blue Velvet by Kim Davis

Blue Velvet by Kim Davis is now available!


When Patrick Holt’s ex-boyfriend Clay Teal asks him to serve as the best man in his wedding to the man he left Patrick for, Patrick initially balks at the request. Even though he and Clay have been on fairly good terms since their breakup, Patrick is still bitter about the way Clay dumped him.

But after Patrick’s new boyfriend convinces him that being a part of Clay’s wedding would help to resolve the years of “issues” between the two men, Patrick reluctantly agrees.

In the weeks leading up to the big day, Patrick discovers he’s having a very hard time dealing with Clay’s upcoming nuptials. He also finds himself thinking more about his failed relationship with Clay and the events that led to their breakup. And, at the center of it all, is one lovely blue velvet jacket.

Will the same problems follow him into his new relationship?


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