<i>Blood and Fire</i> by S. Park

Blood and Fire by S. Park

<i>Blood and Fire</i> by S. Park

OUT NOW! Blood and Fire by S. Park

Kelwyn Grayson is just one more faceless runaway on the streets of Tower City. Among elves, gnolls, and dragons, one winged boy fades into the background of life in the Eternal Kingdom. But when he cuts the purse of the handsome were-lion Harun Rashid, he finds himself dragged out of the crowd.

Rather than a cell, however, Harun offers a helping hand to set Kelwyn on the road to a respectable, peaceful life … if he could just bring himself to stop flirting shamelessly with Harun, keep his sticky fingers to himself, and avoid bringing the wrath of a powerful, mad vampire down on his head.

But even faced with Kelwyn’s death — or undeath — Harun will not give up on him, and Kelwyn will not give up on finding his way to sharing that peaceful life with Harun. Two men, love, and magic are bound and determined to find their way to their shared dream of a future — and family.


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