Bidder Rivalry by E.F. Mulder

Bidder Rivalry by E.F. Mulder is now available!


When Rudy enters Elvis’s Vegas Sing-Along Bar, where Gideon works as an Elvis impersonator, the two get caught up in the magic of yuletide melodies and a spark as bright as the star atop the Christmas tree is lit. But soon the two men discover they’re online auction rivals, both angling for memorabilia from their favorite childhood TV show The Fun Family, and that’s when the evening goes from magical to explosive.

Over the course of the holiday season, the two can’t stay away from one another. Soon they begin to understand why the memorabilia they fight over online means so much to each of them.

Will the spark between them reignite? Can anger turn to passion, and love bloom with the help of a little Christmas magic?


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