Before Lovers by Wayne Mansfield

Before Lovers by Wayne Mansfield is now available!


Have you ever seen someone and had the strangest feeling you’ve met before?

When Paul notices a handsome man watching him on the bus, he’s a little annoyed. When it happens again the following evening, he begins to worry. On the third day, the mystery man, Calvin Dickson, taps Paul on the shoulder and introduces himself. Paul can’t help but be wary. Calvin gives Paul his card and suggests they meet for a drink. When Paul reads the card and notices Calvin is a chartered accountant, he decides the man can’t be too crazy and decides to accept the offered drink.

There’s an immediate connection between the two men, but there’s more than that. Strange things happen to Paul whenever he becomes intimate with Calvin, which leads Paul to consult a psychic.

What he discovers will change the way he thinks about life — and Calvin — forever more.

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It was a warm night and the street was busy with people. Electric light poured out from book shops and novelty stores. Neon light advertised clubs, pubs, and restaurants.

“I really love this,” said Calvin.

“What? The crowds?” asked Paul.

“The vibrancy. The life. Everyone’s dressed up and on their way out for a good time.” He raised his face to the sky and inhaled. “And smell that. That wonderful mixture of cigarette smoke and perfume. Of petrol fumes and food cooking.”

Paul looked at Calvin with a slight sense of wonder.

“Most people don’t notice things like that,” he said.

Calvin placed his hand in the small of Paul’s back. “I know and isn’t it tragic? The little things, those subtle smells and sounds, enhance any experience to such an intense degree, and we take them for granted. And we’d miss them if they weren’t there.”

“I suppose so,” said Paul.

They walked along the footpath the end of the street, where there was a large park with giant Moreton Bay fig trees that blocked out most of the starry night sky. As they stepped into the shadows, Calvin took hold of Paul’s hand.

“You don’t mind, do you?” asked Calvin.

Paul was a little surprised. “No, it feels nice.”

Calvin stopped and turned to face Paul.

“I’ve had a wonderful night,” he said. “Thank you for agreeing to come out with me.”

Calvin brought his hands up to cup Paul’s face and then leaned in to kiss him. The moment their lips touched Paul felt a flash of energy and jerked his head back.

“What happened?” asked Calvin.

Paul brought his fingers to his lips. “I-I don’t know. It was …” He tried to think of a way to describe what he’d felt. “It felt like an electric shock. Just a little one. It didn’t hurt. It was just … strange.”

Calvin put his arm around Paul’s shoulders. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I am,” said Paul. “It just took me by surprise, that’s all.”

“Static electricity,” Calvin suggested.

Paul hadn’t considered that explanation, but it was a good one. “You’re probably right,” he said.

“Would you like to try it again?”

Paul felt Calvin’s lips on his ear, and on the sensitive skin beneath. He could feel a slight tingling in the area, and had come over a little faint, yet he wanted to kiss Calvin more than anything. So when Calvin’s lips moved from Paul’s neck to his mouth and the tingling started around his mouth he didn’t pull back.

It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, the tingling, but as their kisses became more passionate Paul began to experience a new sensation.

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