<i>Bed Death</i> by Eve Morton

Bed Death by Eve Morton

<i>Bed Death</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Bed Death by Eve Morton

Julia and Pepper used to be lovers — but sometimes these things don’t work out.

When Julia is arrested for trespassing and other illicit charges for being in a graveyard at night, she can think of no other person to call other than Pepper, her ex-lover and lawyer extraordinaire. Never mind that it’s now been six years since they last spoke and they left things rather badly. Julia needs all the real life — and not supernatural — help she can get. Maybe, just maybe, Pepper will put the past to bed and save the day.

Pepper arrives, helps Julia, and also comes with a series of apologies and revelations of her own. And Julia now begins to wonder if her own psychic insight into the lives of others has only left her blind to her own future and the fate of the love she’d once shared with Pepper.

Is it possible that a graveyard incident can resurrect the bed death of the two women? Or will their own blindness lead them astray yet again?


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