Becoming His by Shawn Lane

Becoming His by Shawn Lane is now available!


A stripper in a gay club, Toby Sherwood has been a fan of bisexual actor, Lucas Cartwright, and his cable detective show, Harrow’s Eyes, for months, so when he’s invited to a taping of the show, he can hardly wait. Too bad the hunky actor already has a girlfriend.

Lucas has been charmed by the sexy Toby ever since he met him at the hospital during his brother’s accident. When he breaks up with his girlfriend shortly after Toby comes by the set of his show, Lucas begins to romance Toby.

With concerns over Lucas’s career and Toby’s dancing for other men, can the hot actor and the sexy stripper find happiness in each other’s arms?

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The waitress came and took their order of French Onion soup for Toby and Lucas’s orange, pecans, and field greens salad with light dressing.

“What do you do then?”

Toby mumbled something.


He sighed. “I’m a stripper at a club in West Hollywood. Lonnie’s.”

Lucas blinked. Yeah, he could see Toby being hired as a stripper. The man exuded sex appeal. He cleared his throat. “How long have you been doing that?”

“A few years now.”

His mind went straight to the gutter, thinking about Toby tearing off clothes, revealing his perfect pale skin and body. His rounded ass. Lucas took a sip of his water. “What do you dress as?”

“Different things,” Toby said, looking vaguely surprised. “A cop and a fireman. My most popular one is an angel.”

Lucas fought against the erection that image caused. He should not be getting aroused by Toby. Even if he and Melissa were on the way out, it wasn’t right. But, damn, he was only human. “An angel?” he murmured, adjusting the way he sat in the booth, hoping to relieve the tightening in his pants.

Toby nodded, smiling a little. “It’s actually pretty cool. I come down on strings all dressed like a regular angel, all in white. The wings are sort of iridescent. As I descend to the stage, I pull at my costume and the white turns to black like I’m a fallen angel. I wear sparkly makeup all over my face and lips so I look almost shimmery. Then I do my dance and take off bits of my costume until I’m left wearing just a black and white G-string. It’s very popular as I said.”

His mouth dry, his cock so hard he was going to get a serious case of blue balls, Lucas struggled for nonchalance. “I’ll just bet it is.”

“I have a stage name of course. All the performers do.”

Lucas was ready to pour his seltzer water over his crotch. “What’s your stage name?”

Toby turned a dark shade of red. “Joey Flamingo.”

He laughed before he could stop himself. Toby turned even redder if possible. “Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh. I know those stage names are always a bit absurd.”

“Yeah, I didn’t choose it, actually. The owner of the club did.”

The waitress appeared with their food and Lucas covered the bulge in his pants with his napkin.

“Anyway, when we get back to the studio,” Lucas said, “we’ll be filming a few more scenes. I don’t know how late we’ll go so feel free to leave whenever you like. Or stay until we’re finished. Up to you. It can get pretty tedious.”

“I took the night off so I didn’t have to worry about work, so I might stay until it’s done, if you don’t mind.”

Lucas stabbed into his salad and wondered how he could manage to see Toby again without it seeming like a date. He couldn’t date Toby or anyone until he and Melissa ended things.

“You don’t work every night, do you?”

“No, only four nights a week.”

“Which nights?” Lucas asked, trying to be casual.

“Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. We all work Fridays and Saturdays. That’s the busiest nights. The club’s closed Sundays and Mondays and I get Tuesdays off as well.”

“I’m having a barbecue Sunday,” Lucas said, having decided he would that exact moment. “Maybe you and Kirk and Elijah could all come. Nothing fancy probably. Hamburgers and hot dogs. What do you say?”

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