<i>Backpack Jack</i> by R.W. Clinger

Backpack Jack by R.W. Clinger

<i>Backpack Jack</i> by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Backpack Jack by R.W. Clinger

Log cabin designer Nix Cutter lives next to a popular hiking trail, Hollandale Trail. Single, attractive, and in his early thirties, he’s in search of the right man to spend the rest of his life with. No one has fit the bill in the recent months or years … until maybe now.

Enter Backpack Jack, a handsome coffee shop owner named Jack Faraway who arrives in July to hike the trail. The attraction between them is immediate and strong attraction. The two men spend the afternoon getting to know each other. But soon, Jack and his pack leave.

Following Jack’s goodbye, Nix has a designing deadline to meet. But he can’t concentrate on his work. The next day, he sees a familiar someone in the distance on Hollandale Trail. The person’s frame and features are distant but familiar. It can’t be Backpack Jack … or is it?


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