<i>Avoiding Aiden</i> by Chris Cole

Avoiding Aiden by Chris Cole

<i>Avoiding Aiden</i> by Chris Cole

OUT NOW! Avoiding Aiden by Chris Cole

I avoid. It’s this thing I do. Like, right now, I’m avoiding talking about being dumped. Instead, I’m going to the bar, where my friend Elyse has a drink waiting and my friend Charlie is performing in drag. But they decide that a hookup is just what I need.

That’s when I meet Jude. Jude is incredible, and then … incredibly unavailable. Like, so unavailable. But, combined with advice from my siblings, I start seeing a counselor to talk about how I avoid.

Then Carter, my ex, steps back into the picture for what I assume is going to be closure. And he assaults me. Jude is there to stop it and help me through the lawsuit and the trial. But Jude has his own stuff going on, and I’m graduating in the spring. At some point I’m going to have to deal with all the issues I’m facing … especially when love is on the line.


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