<i>Another Luck Day</i> by K.S. Murphy

Another Luck Day by K.S. Murphy

<i>Another Luck Day</i> by K.S. Murphy

OUT NOW! Another Luck Day by K.S. Murphy

Hunter Lewis does not believe in luck. He believes in hard work and making tough decisions, which is how he became the Duke, one of Naked Boys Films’ most popular models.

Since his start in the adult film industry, he’s earned himself a reputation for being one hell of a power top and has even won the coveted title of Naked Boy of the Year. So when his favorite director, Sam, claims it’s his lucky day when he calls him in for an unscheduled shoot, Hunter doesn’t think much of it. Until, of course, he meets the newest Naked Boy, Lynn Valentine.

This will be Lynn’s first film ever, and he’s specifically requested Hunter to be his partner in the shoot. Not only is Lynn the hottest guy Hunter has ever seen, he’s also sweet and adorable and very cuddly, with the bubbliest personality and a smile like sunshine. Hunter does not mix his personal and professional lives, but he’s never hit it off so well with another model before.

Luck or not, this might be the shoot that changes everything.


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