<i>An Imitation of Life</i> By Karma Eastwick

An Imitation of Life By Karma Eastwick

<i>An Imitation of Life</i> By Karma Eastwick

An Imitation of Life by Karma Eastwick is now available!


In New York City, Broadway actor Mars Manchester faces two dilemmas, one professional, the other personal …

Although the handsome and talented thespian is discreet yet openly gay when it comes to his family, friends, and agent, he knows his sexual orientation could have a negative impact on landing roles in other mediums. Now that he’s starting to branch off into movie and television work, he worries some producers might hesitate to hire a gay man as a romantic lead if word ever got out. So when Mars lands the role of Wave Benson, a new gay character on the long-running daytime soap opera Destiny’s Storm, a controversial role that could prove challenging and rewarding and shift his career into high gear, he remains fearful that he could get typecast like so many other actors in the business.

And when it comes to his personal life, Mars battles to hold his feelings in check when he falls hopelessly in love with his roommate, another actor by the name of Reed Keeting. Unfortunately, there’s one major stumbling block…Reed is straight. And to make matters even worse, the man has an annoying girlfriend who not only senses Mars’s secret crush on her lover, but delights in making his life miserable at every opportunity. Yet when conversations lead Mars to believe his sexy roommate is perhaps not as straight as he appears, he can’t help recalling his last relationship, one with another “straight man,” that ended in utter disaster.

Will Mars ever find the courage to follow his heart and explore the possibilities of a fulfilling relationship with Reed, or will he remain miserable, allowing one bad love affair to dictate his future? Or will his storyline on Destiny’s Storm, which often seems an imitation of his personal life, give him added encouragement to seek happiness once and for all, especially when Reed also snags a coveted role on the soap … to play his gay lover?

Daytime soaps will never be the same!

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“What in the world do you see in her anyway?”

He stared at me for so long, with his face devoid of all expression, that I wondered if I’d made him angry. Finally, his eyes twinkled with something akin to lechery. “The truth?”


“Because she sucks a mean cock.”

“Is that all?”

“That’s a lot.”

“But is it enough to put up with – with –” Once again I held my tongue. Sure, Reed had a tendency to be a little slow when it came to sizing up other people, but even he couldn’t be blind when it came to Niki’s incessant neediness, her frequent tantrums and irksome snobbishness, and her lack of intelligence when it came to the English language. And he certainly wasn’t deaf, so her nasally voice must have grated on his eardrums from time to time. Therefore, I decided not to launch into a litany of her less-than-stellar qualities. “I mean, come on, man, you could do so much better.”

“I could?” He raised an eyebrow before once again bringing the beer bottle to his lips and taking a sip.

“Don’t you ever look in the mirror? Chicks are practically lining up at our door for a chance to be with you.”

“Huh? What?” With dramatic effect only an actor could provide, he presented an aura of stark terror, stalked to the front door, and placed one eye against the security peephole. He gasped in feigned relief. “Nope, nope, can’t see anyone out in the hall.”

“Knock it off. And you know what I mean.”

“Do I?”

“Don’t play stupid. You’re a good-looking guy, a ‘catch,’ and you know it. So I can’t believe you’d stay with someone like Niki just because she’s a decent cocksucker.”

“Every dude in the world craves good head.”

“Of course, but you and I both know you could definitely find a nicer chick who would happily do that job. Hell, even a guy might be preferable to –” The moment the words flew off my tongue, I wanted to reel them back into my big, fat mouth.

“Oh? A guy, huh?” Now a mischievous glint lit his eyes. “There’s an interesting possibility. Hey, Mars, are you hoping to arrange yet another type of audition today?”

“Excuse me?”

“I’ve heard that guys suck cock better than any woman, and since you’re a guy, and gay … well, you’d know for a fact. Is it true?”

“Ah … yeah … from my experience, it’s true.”

“Fascinating, fascinating.” For an instant, his gaze locked on my face, or more specifically, on my lips. “I wonder … you may have a valid point about Niki and finding someone else. Know of anyone in particular who may be interested? And keep in mind, I’m Cock King, so it won’t be an easy task. I’d need an expert, you know?”

The hairs on my arms snapped to attention. Was my current lust for him that obvious? Or had he realized in all these months how much I ached for him? I felt a bit wobbly, and my cheeks sizzled in embarrassment. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“What do you think I’m saying?”

“That you … you want me to …?”

He shrugged nonchalantly, then raised the beer bottle to his lips. For an instant, the tip of his tongue slipped once, twice, three times inside the tiny opening before he tilted the bottle and began to chug the beer. I couldn’t tear my gaze from his bobbing Adam’s apple. My heart began a wild gallop, while my cock, never completely dormant in his company, started to twitch in need.

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