<i>An Honorable Thief</i> by Edward Kendrick

An Honorable Thief by Edward Kendrick

<i>An Honorable Thief</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! An Honorable Thief by Edward Kendrick

Ash Logan is a freelance computer consultant … and a professional thief. A thief with honor, he believes, as he only retrieves items that have been stole from someone, returning them to the original owners.

He is also a loner, almost a prerequisite all things considered. He has second thoughts about that when he meets Mark Goode and they become friends with benefits. When Mark figures out Ash is a thief, he claims to be one as well. After some consideration, Ash agrees to take him along on his next job — retrieving a stolen statuette.

When Mark betrays him by taking the statuette from him at gun point, Ash vows to get even. It will take all his skills as both a computer expert and a thief, but he has time and incentive, especially when he finds out who Mark really is — Pete Dixon.

What happens next is complicated and may change both their lives, if they can survive a crooked art collector who wants Pete dead.


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