<i>Almost-Broken Men Box Set</i> by R.W. Clinger

Almost-Broken Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

<i>Almost-Broken Men Box Set</i> by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Almost-Broken Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

Love always has its ups and downs. This box set by R.W. Clinger explores the almost-brokenness men face until they find true love. Within these three tales, men mix with present and past boyfriends, learn when to leave friend zones, and discover when secrets become helpful or dangerous.

Contains the stories:

20 Days of Tuck: During twenty days of a particularly hot August on the shores of Lake Erie, Micah and Tuck fall head over heels in love. A year later, life has unexpectedly changed for Micah. He meets and falls hard for Carl, a witty, romantic guy along the lake. What will Micah do when various ties between his twenty days with Tuck and his current days with Carl begin to unravel?

We Are Going to be Together: Wayne Joslin’s in love with Darsey Haas, who’s dating Cliff McGregory, so he hatches a plan to distract Cliff with Darsey’s doppelganger, a certain rugby player named Tomas Iron. Will the plan work? Will Cliff fall for the gig, and in love with Iron? Are Joslin and Darsey going to end up together?

The Trespasser: Grady Nelson has a crush on neighbor Putnam Strand and trespasses into Putnam’s home when he isn’t home, and almost gets caught. Things heat up in their neighborly relationship when Putnam leaves town for a few days and asks Grady to house sit. While there, he uncovers a secret about Putnam that will change their romantic lives forever.


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