<i>Alien Tails Box Set</i> by Holly Day

Alien Tails Box Set by Holly Day

<i>Alien Tails Box Set</i> by Holly Day

OUT NOW! Alien Tails Box Set by Holly Day

Would you travel to another planet on the off chance of finding your soulmate?

Alien Tails is a set of three MM romance novellas about tail-waving aliens who travel through space and find their human destined mates in the most unlikely of places. But once they’ve found them, will they be able to convince their mates to see past their differences and accept that they’re meant to be?

Contains the stories:

There Will Be Aliens: Carlo is having a bad day, and now he’s seeing aliens too. After a futile struggle, he finds himself on a spaceship leaving Earth. Zenon doesn’t know what it is about the earthling male. They’re to get females, but he’s claiming the male as his payment for the mission. Can he keep Carlo safe from all the dangers lurking along the trip? He has to because Carlo is his, and he’s not letting him go.

How to Soothe a Dragon: Long before Derek was born, the planet was taken over by a mind-controlling alien race, and everyone is affected except for him. Ocren is obsessed with his human neighbor, but four years of chasing him up the stairs in their apartment building has Derek refusing to speak to him. Until he accuses him of having broken into his apartment. How will Ocren make Derek believe it wasn’t him?

The Devil Will Care: What would you do if the devil claimed you were his destined mate? Khaal isn’t really the devil. He’s a red-skinned, horn-wearing, tail-waving, eight feet tall alien who claims Azrail is his mate. Azrail has read about mates, but it can’t apply to him. He’s human. But when Khaal plans to escape, Azrail is ready to go. Being mated to the devil can’t be worse than being locked up in prison, can it?


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