<i>After the HEA Box Set</i> by Nell Iris

After the HEA Box Set by Nell Iris

<i>After the HEA Box Set</i> by Nell Iris

OUT NOW! After the HEA Box Set by Nell Iris

After the HEA is a collection of five gay romance stories about what happens after our couples walk hand in hand into the sunset. Stories about breakups, health scares, hiding in the closet, and infidelity, but mostly about fighting for happiness. Real, lingering happiness.

Contains the stories:

Team Luker: Uncertainty keeps Ellery Luker awake at night and robs him of his appetite. It’s been five days since Jools, the love of his life and partner of twenty-five years, went to the doctor. Five days since the biopsy. Five days of going crazy with worry and what ifs? What if Jools suffer from the same disease that stole Ellery’s mother when he was just eleven? What if all Ellery’s worst fears come true?

Late Night Poetry: Saying “I love you” to someone who says it first, isn’t supposed to lead to a break-up, but that happens to Sully and Lou. Sully is out while Lou is in the closet, so when their relationship deepens, Lou runs. But then Lou starts quoting poetry and leaving emotional messages of remorse on Sully’s answering machine. Can love poems and honesty help Sully and Lou find their way back to each other?

Regaining Trust: When Lawrence walks in on the aftermath of his fiancé Frankie cheating on him, he’s shattered. Frankie’s the love of his life, the betrayal leaves him devastated. Frankie makes a huge mistake he regrets deeply before it’s over. He pleads for a second chance, willing to do anything. A love that deep doesn’t just stop, so Lawrence agrees to try. Will love be enough? Can trust once broken be rebuilt?

So Far Away: Engaged couple Zakarias and Julian are convinced nothing can separate them…until a global pandemic hits. Zakarias catches the virus with mild symptoms and isolates in the couple’s guest house. The few meters dividing them might as well be the moon as he watches Julian, an ICU nurse, work himself to the bone. Worry build as the weeks pass. Will Zakarias be declared healthy before Julian burns out?

All I’ll Ever See: The night Kieran bangs on Theo’s door and kisses him changes both their lives forever. Theo has never been in the closet, but Kieran isn’t out and risks losing everything should his family find out. They keep their budding relationship a secret, but can their love grow and flourish when hidden away in the dark? Or will it wilt and die before they have a chance to live happily ever after?


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