<i>A Second Chance</i> by Edward Kendrick

A Second Chance by Edward Kendrick

<i>A Second Chance</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! A Second Chance by Edward Kendrick

Ben Mercer is an ex-cop, lamed, framed, and thrown off the force for a crime his partner committed. Now homeless, he has no expectations for a better life until he’s recruited by Durand, head of Vanguard Security, to join a team that deals with problems the police can’t or won’t touch. All Ben needs is the approval of the team leader, Zach Turner.

To get it, Ben has to prove to Zach that he still retains his skills as a sniper, and that he can handle any job thrown at him, despite the still painful damage to his knee. He does, and is immediately pulled into a job with the team, rescuing a kidnap victim.

Ben had one big secret, or did have until Durand drew it out of him. Before his life was drastically changed he had denied, even to himself, that he was gay. Now that he’s accepted it, and learned that Zach is as well, can the two men forge a bond beyond that of being teammates and friends? It will take several more jobs before Ben gets his answer.


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