A Magical Team by Edward Kendrick

A Magical Team by Edward Kendrick is now available!


Dirk Raynell is the half-elf son of Lex, the elf who founded the magical team. But he isn’t certain he wants to become a member, even after he meets its charismatic and very gay Elven leader Tonio. The team is comprised of Felan, a wolf-shifter; Reni, a vampire witch; Mattie, a human witch; and Bay, a human warlock who is cursed to come back each time he dies at the age he was at his first death. The sixth, unofficial member is Nina, Tonio’s twin sister and a healer.

Then Dirk becomes embroiled in the jobs the team does, including taking down a mobster and trying to eliminate a very evil sorcerer. Along the way he falls for Bay and discovers swirling undercurrents within the team which could determine if they can successfully stop the sorcerer before he destroys them all.

NOTE: Also contains an M/F romance, but the erotic scenes are only M/M.


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