<i>A Halloween Tail</i> by Chrissy Munder

A Halloween Tail by Chrissy Munder

<i>A Halloween Tail</i> by Chrissy Munder

OUT NOW! A Halloween Tail by Chrissy Munder

Good things come in strange packages.

Lionel Baker knows his life is heavy on the crazy. With an unused degree in IT, student loan debt his job as waiter barely covers, and a history of unfortunate dating choices, he pushes back with all the sass and snark he can muster. With the dreaded, family gathering season approaching, Halloween is the perfect time to find his next, new boyfriend before his dragon of an aunt decides to play matchmaker.

But when his older sister guilts him into taking his niece Trick-or-Treating rather than heading to the bar, and insists he wears her idea of a family-friendly costume, Lionel is sure he’s lost his window of opportunity. Then he meets Kyle. Kyle’s looking for his nephew who has run off in the crowd but finds Lionel instead. Does fate have a trick or a treat in store for them?


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