<i>A Good Marriage</i> by Eve Morton

A Good Marriage by Eve Morton

<i>A Good Marriage</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! A Good Marriage by Eve Morton

Adam North has never seen a good marriage. His friends and past boyfriends are commitment-phobic and his parents were not together long at all. After spending years jumping from job to job, he settles in NYC where he meets Jack one night at a New Years’ party.

Jack and Adam soon fall in love, but their relationship is far from perfect. After three years, the inevitable happens: he and Jack split — but so do Jack’s parents, David and Linda. While Adam has always harboured a small crush on his father-in-law, David, he thinks nothing can ever come of it.

As Adam soon finds out, all that he previously knew of marriage — good or bad — has been wrong. David is a kind and gentle man, forced into a life that he was not ready for, and now that he is on his own, he longs for his own freedom. Can both men find their freedom together, and in the process, create something much better?


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