<i>A Dozen Hours</i> by Rafe Jadison

A Dozen Hours by Rafe Jadison

<i>A Dozen Hours</i> by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! A Dozen Hours by Rafe Jadison

When Doug signs up for a bachelor’s auction, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. No one had told him he’d have to walk down a runway, and they certainly hadn’t taken the time to rehearse. Still, Doug would do just about anything for his friend Audi, and he definitely doesn’t mind raising money for a children’s hospital.

When the event takes an interesting turn, and a cute guy he just met spends twelve thousand dollars bidding on him, Doug can hardly say no to a night in the country at Devin’s parents’ house. But is Devin looking for a quick night of fun, someone to impress his parents, or something more? And what can Doug possibly find out about him in just twelve hours?


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