Unlikely Companions by Harold Mason

Filed under: New Release Nov 16, 2016

Unlikely Companions by Harold Mason is now available!


Robert Saddler is drowning in debt, so he decides to join the United States Army. His aim is to experience the world but also make some money to pay off his college debts and get a GI Loan to further his education. After basic training, he’s deployed to Germany, where he joins a unit where his skills as a draftsman are in demand. He also has to serve as driver to First Lieutenant Tony Stryker.

Tony Stryker is not an easy man to get along with. The word in the barracks is that he is a spoiled brat. Their first encounter isn’t auspicious, but once the two men get to know each other better, things improve drastically.

Tony is a career Army man, but Robert eventually wants to go back to San Francisco to study architecture. What will happen to their budding relationship when Robert’s tour of duty ends in eighteen months?

Buy the ebook today!


Buy the ebook today!

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