The Spectator by Francis Gideon

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The Spectator by Francis Gideon is now available!


Regina is used to getting what she wants. When she meets Shane, the brooding art school grad turned ad exec at her PR firm, the two fall in love and get married right away. But five years into their marriage, Shane’s frustrations only seem to grow and Regina tries everything to mend the relationship — new sex, vacation time, and long nights discussing their future.

Finally, when Regina suggests a threesome, everything seems to click. Shane surprises her when he says he wants to explore his bisexual side by inviting a man into their bed.

Together they frequent downtown Toronto and Regina’s night classes to see if they can find the perfect man to join them.

When they meet a blond, Adonis-like stranger, they think everything’s set. So why is Shane suddenly getting cold feet?

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“I have a confession,” Regina stated. She curled a hand through her hair and gestured towards the computer on the counter. “I’ve been filming us.”


“Yeah. With my laptop.” Regina rose from the couch, still naked, and grabbed her laptop. Shane was also naked, but now moved for one of their spare blankets on the ottoman. He covered his lap as Regina set the computer down between them.

“We’ve done filming stuff before, but never this intense,” Regina said.

“And never without telling me before,” Shane added. His gaze was skeptical, but not mad. Regina took his hand in her own.

“I know, right? Would you believe I got the idea from class? Here, watch. It’s probably enlightening.”

Regina scrolled through the folder the footage was stored in and pressed play when she found the right one. At first, the angle was so bad and it was so dark it was hard to tell what was going on. Then, as the sound picked up less chatter and more moans, the narrative of the night unfolded in front of them. The recording started with her removing her bra. Shane’s green eyes widened as he watched her ride him on the couch. Even after coming, Regina still felt herself react, her pussy becoming wet again.

She flipped down the screen when Shane’s face descended between her thighs.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“I … I don’t know.”

“I like watching you.”

“You do?”

Regina nodded. “And I think, if you wanted to explore this bisexual side of yourself, I don’t have to be involved. But I’d want to watch.”

“Like this? On film?”

“Well, I’d like to be in the room. There are so many things a camera can’t pick up on. The sound, the smell …” Regina pushed her hand under the blanket and over to Shane’s thigh. When he shuddered, she lifted the blanket off him entirely so she could press her mouth in the same places her hand caressed. She kissed his knee, his skin, and hovered over his half-hard cock and balls. After teasing him, she glanced up and feigned an innocent glance. “What do you think?”

“I think … Oh, God.” Shane moaned. “Yeah. I’d like that.”

“Good,” Regina said, nodding. “Because I was getting pretty sick of having nothing to do on Friday night.”

Buy the ebook today!

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